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Protect your children from both online dangers and physical attacks or treating situations.

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Smart Devices, Smarter Kids

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Online Threats.
Parents can teach their children responsible use and protect them from irresponsible use of their phones and computers. Use Smart Protect to create a safe digital environment for your kids!

Control Their Phone

Did your child make it to school or home from school? Where are they now? Who are their new friends? You can monitor your kids' mobile phones and understand their world.

Control Their Tablet

Your child wants a tablet. We keep them safe. Get awareness of how your child uses their Android Tablet or iPad. Download Smart Protect and discover in minutes.

Know What They Do On Computer

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Online Threats.
Parents can teach their children responsible use, and protect them from irresponsible use of their phones and computers. Use Smart Protect to create a safe digital environment for your kids!

Track Windows PC

Smart Protect for Windows provides the best monitoring solution for parents who understand the importance of protecting their loved ones.

Track Mac Computer

Smart Protect for Mac protects your children from risky behavior. Supervise exactly how your child is using their Mac computer. It is invisible and cannot be detected.



Monitor Phone Activities

See call logs, read SMS messages, read Emails, Web pages viewed, Installed apps.

Monitor Computer Activity

See what software they install, what websites they visit or who they chat with on IM or email.

Monitor All Devices

Supervise the activities that take place on any device. Control all your kids digital life on a single place.

Monitor Media Files

Access all media files. Get all images they take or that are already taken. Hear all audio and voice memos.

See Their Contacts

See all phone book entries on their device. See all names and numbers associated with any contact.

Tamper Controls

Parent may wish to hide the icon on their child’s phone. Choose visible or 100% undetectable mode.

Track Location

GPS tracking features with its geofencing dashboard alert option gives you a powerful GPS tracker.

Monitor Chat Apps

Monitor IM messaging apps. Distinguish innocent messages from potential threats.

Monitor Internet Activities

Track all web history on their Phone Tablet or PC. See all websites visited. Get time and date of each visit

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How it works

Getting started and using our product is easy peasy!
See how it works is 5 steps

Choose your product

Select one of the Smart Protect products and subscription lengths.



Complete Payment

Fill out the order form and complete your payment.

Check Your Email

Check your email for the installation instructions and your download URL.



Install On Your Kid’s Device

Download Smart Protect and install tracking software onto your child’s phone, tablet or computer.

Check Your Portal

Log in to your Portal to start tracking messaging apps, GPS location, multimedia content and any other activities taking place on the monitored device.


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Web Control Panel
We are so excited and proud of our product. 
It’s easy to remotely control your kid’s devices from a cloud-based web control panel.
unınstall remotely
SmartProtect offers an innovative personalized dashboard for every account. From your SmartProtect home screen, you’ll see a detailed overview of everything you need about the target device. See all activities, alerts, updates, news, and remote change settings in real time. The dashboard will display all vital information in one place.
Web Panel Dashboard
We offer Alerts that make sure you don’t ever miss any important information. The Alerts let you specify criteria that will result in a notification being generated for you on the dashboard, or sent to you by e-mail. This is useful because you don’t have to sift through a lot of data to get the data you want. It is there as soon as you log in. SmartProtect allows you to set Alerts for Location, Keywords, and Caller ID.
Web Alerts
You can control the target device remotely using your web control panel. A fully comprehensive online Control Centre gives you complete control of the device without needing it in your hand. After installation, you simply log in to your online portal and you can then use the specific Control Centre tab to control the target device remotely.
Web Panel Settings
Our Uninstall Remotely feature allows you to uninstall Smart Protect completely from your child's phone using your secure online dashboard. In just a few clicks Smart Protect can be removed and they will never know the difference. Smart Protect understands the need to be covert and that is why our remote uninstall feature is not traceable on their phone.

Uninstall Smart Protect in just a few clicks from inside your online account
Removes Smart Protect completely from their phone
Does not affect their phone remains undetectable at all times


5 Stars Based on 34,700+ Real Users Reviews
Join thousands of satisfied customers using our Parental Control Software.

Lisa G.

Verified Customer
I purchased it to monitor my child’s android cell phone for their safety and by far they have had the best dependability and reliability hands down.

Saim Moani S.

Verified Customer
This is a great software that every parent should have. No matter what at my child opens whether it may be posting a calendar event or texting their best friend or meeting some weirdo on the internet I could see it all in real time.

Janee R.

Verified Customer
I got this for my kids. I was a little worried about the tech side, but it was not that complicated. It's worth everything okay to have that peace of mind that your family is safe.

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