Aide-mémoire pour les parents : le dictionnaire d'argot Internet

21 avril 2018
Protection intelligente

Have no idea what your kids are saying when they type  TTYL, BBFN, LMK, or TMSIDK?

Don?t worry, you?re not alone. Many of us parents feel the same way. It?s like your kids are texting or writing in a foreign language, one designed specifically to keep you out of the loop.

Of course, this isn?t really the case. Lots of adults know the terms, too. But if you?re not someone who has stayed in the know it can seem a little daunting and make you feel like your kids may be saying things that are worrying, or unacceptable. And perhaps they are.

Le fait est que l'argot Internet et les acronymes Internet sont tous apparus comme un moyen de taper beaucoup plus rapidement des phrases très utilisées.

Hence the above is actually ?talk to you later?, ?bye bye for now?, ?let me know?, and ?tell me something I didn?t know?.

Unless you?re going to become a constant texter, IMer, chat room participant or a member of an Internet forum, then you?re probably not going to get to be as familiar with these terms as our kids are (after all, they grew up using them, and often inventing them, it?s as much as part of their world as smart phones, computers and TV).

Mais n'ayez crainte, car il existe un petit site sympa qui s'appelle Argot d'internet. This is your go-to dictionary to check out what the heck is being said. They have a list of the latest acronyms added to the dictionary, as well as an A to Z index and a search box to help you find what you?re looking for.

If you?re wondering WWCND, or wondering what that means, go on over to the dictionary and start finding out. (Click ICI)

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