Facebook 隐私 - 每个青少年都必须知道的重要新闻

1? 5, 2018
If you didn?t already have enough reasons to caution your teens on ?先思考,再思考?, here?s another for you: Facebook posts as far back as 7 years can be used as part of a background check for job applicants.

是的,你没看错。美国联邦贸易委员会告诉我们,从法律上讲, 社会情报公司 (一家私人公司)最多可以存档 7 年的在线生活。

我们已经知道那些未来的雇主经常会用谷歌搜索求职者,他们可能会查看 Facebook 帐户、Twitter 和任何其他人们可能关心在线发布内容的地方。


7 年后,我们的青少年将进入就业市场,他们 14 岁时写的东西现在可能会成为他们的污点。一个没有得到那份工作的理由。

Things like this are all the more reason to monitor your child?s online life, and their smartphone life (because much of their online life will be springing forth from their phone?), and to counsel them on proper online etiquette (always be polite; if you wouldn?t say it, don?t post it; privacy, privacy, privacy; don?t give your information to strangers on or offline).

Keeping everything private is definitely the way to go. If you monitor accounts, phones, and are in charge of privacy settings, you?re already a long way to protecting your child?s future working life.


Although some good news does come from it: if you don?t get a job because of something you said or did online, you must be told why, and SIC can?t keep reusing the same information. So you can go back and delete or make it private.

我对父母和青少年的建议是:在你发表评论或照片之前(尤其是在 Facebook 上)绝对要三思,并确保一切都尽可能保密。

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