20 Sexting Terms Parents Should Know

November 25, 2017
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By now, most parent know and understand the term ‘sexting’, and the potential seriousness of the matter when teens are caught with compromising pictures on their computers or phones, not to mention the fact teens aren’t known for discretion and a sexy photo sent by a girlfriend to her boyfriend will often make the rounds of his friends – and vise versa.


However, we aren’t here to talk about sexting issues, but about sexting terms.

Many parents are determined to keep their teen out of trouble, their virtues in tact (as much as possible), and their future adult selves untroubled by their pasts (sexting can lead to charges of child pornography which will affect the teen’s future). So parents monitor phones, texts and even emails. But teens today have a language all their own, and we’re not talking the slang they use in everyday speech. We’re talking about Internet slang, and sexting slang in particular.

We have 20 sexting terms a parents should know, because it’s easier to police your children if you actually know what to look for. And while sexts that are text only aren’t as much potential trouble as photo or video sexts, they are an issue, and can lead to sext pics, and even pressuring a teen into doing something they don’t want to do.

While sex and sexuality are a natural part of life, and for teens something that becomes more obvious and more intriguing (and yes, sexting is a natural modern progression of that), sexting as we mentioned can lead to troublesome consequences. Talking to your kids is a must about the issue and the potential trouble that can come from sexting. But a smart parent will know at least some terms so they can catch any trouble early (especially if your child is chatting online to , and at the very least, know what is actually going on in their teen’s life.


Here are the terms – some of them are vulgar, and of course, they can change, be combined, or disappear from use altogether. And, of course, there are many others out there, with others being invented all the time. We believe having knowledge of the common ones in current usage is a great start, and if you come across a slang term or acronym you don’t know, consult the online slang dictionary.

20 Common Sexting Terms

8 – oral sex

143 – I love you

cu46 – see you for sex

DUM – do you masturbate?

GNOC – get naked on cam

GYPO – get your pants off

GNRN – get naked right now

FMH – f**k me harder

IWS – I want sex

IIT – is it tight?

Q2C – quick to come

RUH – are you horny?

TDTM – talk dirty to me

S2R – send to receive

NIFOC – naked in front of computer

SorG – straight or gay?

JO – jerk off

PAW – parents are watching

PIR – parent in room

POS – parent over shoulder

YWS – you want sex

WYCM – will you call me?

With these under your belt, so to speak, you’re on your way to understanding how many of the online slang terms work, and on the way to being able to understand others.

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